Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Live Life Loud!!!!

Hello my dearest Chickadees!!  I hope you'll all accept my sincerest apologies for the delay between posts; life got in the way!!! 

Things have been pretty demanding lately what with my impending return to university.  I'm talking stacks of reading, research and general prep.  As well as shouting at the completely inefficient admin staff who are so inept they couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone make sure an I.D card gets to its correct location. 

Last week also saw my exam results from last year finally being issued, all of which i passed no problemo, and am on track for a 2:1 but I'm gunna do my damnedest to push  it up to a 1st for final results time. 

Before all the uni chaos i headed off to Leeds Festival with the boyfriend to enjoy a days worth of punk rock, albeit, mainly from the safety of the 'disabled viewing platform' - which i have to say offered some damn good views!  The day itself was awesome, cold but awesome!  it showcased some of the finest acts from the UK and the states, including Limp Bizkit (the highlight of the day), headliners Blink182, All Time Low, Paramore (who frankly sucked) and youmeatsix amongst others. 

I'm looking forward to a few more gigs this year, the boyfriend is taking me to see Bowling For Soup as part of my birthday present, then we're going to see Good Charlotte early next year.  I'm hoping to go see Linkin Park too; possibly even 30 Seconds to Mars and A7X if i can find someone willing to accompany me (and nooo i'm not touting for offers, thanks anyway!)  

All in all Chickens, my point is this:  life's short, your a long time dead.  So live live to the max and seize the moment while the opportunity exists. 

Don't put off today because it can wait 'til tomorrow and avoid getting caught in a rut disguising itself as routine. 

Life is best lived happily.

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  1. Well! What a busy girl you have been... keep on track for that 2:1. I got one of those! I love going to gigs and things, quite into comedy at the moment and wouldnt mind seeing an opera or 2. Perhaps next year eh? You'll be mega impressed, I've started a course on social entrepreneurship. Anyway, must dash- Bernie has just got home from seeing Santa at the local town grotto. Do catch up on the WW blog- would love to know what your top 5 tricky things are!