Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Why, hello!

I’m sure it will show so I may as well tell you now, I’m a virgin. I have never blogged before! So here I am trying to lose that blogging cherry. I’m going to make it easy on myself though. I’m not going to try to be witty, or think of astoundingly clever things to say. No, I’m going to tell you a little about me and why I think you might find my humble blog of interest.

I’m 23 years old and I live in the city. I have a boyfriend. I’m and English student (well I will again be when i go back to Uni in October after my much needed year out!). I have arthritis.

Hence the year out – study and a hip replacement don’t exactly mesh!

The World Wide Web has somewhat failed me over the years. I’ve “googled” many questions, queries and concerns and got nowhere. No one out there wants to give a honest and open account of what it is to live with Arthritis, and consequently all you get is forums full of sixty-somethings whining about their “touch of rheumatism” and complaining that the doctors wont mend their creaky knee and it leaves you thinking; “what the hell! I’m only 23 – you’ve had your youth already, now GET OVER IT!” Now i know that sounds a little callous – a touch harsh. But come on! They complain about what they can’t do, while forgetting that some people have NEVER been able to do it. I have arthritis in every joint, and am rather disabled with it. BUT, and it’s a big BUT, my life, most of the time is pretty damn good. And i wanna tell all you good folk out there reading my blog about how ‘normal’ we can be – even if Arthur is being a right royal pain in the (insert joint name here). Sometimes I may not even mention him – other times I might feel like a good old rant. Feel free though to leave me any questions or comments, i might even decide to use the answer/response as the topic for my next blog!

‘Til next time!!! ;-)


  1. hi there good to hear you have a sense of humour you have to with arthritis or you wouldnt do anything.Good luck with uni.Jo

  2. Thanks Jo! Be sure to follow me if your interseted in my future blog entries, or add me on facebook @

  3. Hi, I have RA and Lupus and fibromyalgia, but no-one wants to talk about normal stuff, you know like the s-e-x word. I'm mentioning to the doctor tomorrow, wish me luck!!!

  4. good luck! hope it all goes well.

    If you're interested to see what i have coming up in my next blog please follow me!

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  5. Welcome to blogging. Yes, Arthur is a big jerk who picks the worst times to complicate our lives. Hang in there - at least you have a sense of humor to guide you.

  6. I am 24 and have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also suffer in every joint and am disabled in many ways. I love your humor! I am always trying to think of a funny way to tell someone how I'm feeling. When I'm at the hospital I just laugh at everything, even when the 4th person on the 8th try finally got an IV going.

    I look forward to following your blog and learning from you.

    Hope today didn't bring too much pain to you all and hope you all have a great weekend!