Monday, 31 May 2010

Arthur the Killjoy.

Ever feel that someone out there has got it in for you? No, I’m not talking about the kind of paranoia which makes you put extra bolts on your front door and cover your TV in tinfoil (I don’t think I could help you with that anyhow!). I mean the way that EVERY TIME I make plans to go out on the town some joint or other will swell up beyond all recognition.

Take tonight for example – I am supposed to be going out for a meal and a few drinks with the boyfriend, my friend and her husband and as if by magic, I woke up this morning with what looked like localized elephantiasis. My right knee has quadrupled in size.

As I’m sure all you chickadees can appreciate, I’m pretty pissed off! But the question is; do I let Arthur win? Do I sit in and let him make me watch crap TV and feel even more miffed ‘cause I know I’m missing out?


Instead I’m going to put on my glad rags, paint my nails and head on into the city. I’m not advocating alcoholism by any stretch  of the imagination, but an extra glass of wine or three will help the evening float along painlessly! Then again, I’m one of the lucky ones. ‘Hangover’ is not part of my vocabulary – unlike my poor boyfriend who has only got to have one sip too many and it’s hurl city!

Rule numero uno to be a smart girl with arthritis (we’ll call it SGWA for short):- Never EVER let Arthur stop you from doing exactly as you please.

'Til next time!!! ;-)


  1. Oh I definitely agree that an extra glass of wine, or even a baileys certainly takes the edge off arthur throwing a tantrum... Mind you for me to skip the hangover part I have to stick to spirits ;)

  2. It used to be that I would never plan anything in advance 'cos of what 'might' happen to stop me doing more....I just plan and go!!!!
    You are so right that we shouldn't let the bastard stop us in any way shape or form if humanly possible!! xxxxxx

  3. I can go ahead and do planned things. It is the 2-3 days afterward when my joints are aching again and my energy is down to zero that I pay for it. But I plan on that, too. lol

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  5. I had plans yesterday and they were foiled by Arthur. He shows up when I least expect it. So I cancelled my plans and focused on getting rid of him. Needless to say, I hate Arthur and I hate when he shows up.