Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Less "Wishy-washy" more "WOW! Hottie!"

Today I am going to explain why the occasional gothic tendencies are a must for any SGWA. And; I hasten to add, no you don’t need to go to any drastic length like dying your hair black or piercing your lip or getting a big ass tattoo. You simply need to work with what comes naturally.

If like me, you tend to become more than a little pasty (that’s pale to you, my American friends!) you’ll soon see why this works. It’s all too easy when you feel under the weather to tie your hair back, pull on a hoodie and try to fade into the background. These simple ideas will make you go from “wishy-washy” to “WOW! Hottie” (Even if you do feel like crawling under a rock for the next three years!)

Now here’s your shopping list:

*Kohl eyeliner in black

* Lash lengthening mascara, also black

* Lipstick – As red as you dare

* BIG BLACK BOOTS (We’re thinking, flat but daring statement boots here.)

Learn to work the boots and you’re half way there. We all know that high heels are all but impossible when Arthur’s behaving like a badly trained Jack Russell pup nipping at your ankles, but these boots won’t just look good, but they will hold you up and give you some much needed support too. At the same time they will help you away from being a shrinking violet and give you an image with attitude.

As for the makeup, so long as you don’t go so overboard that you wind up looking like a demented Bratz doll – load it up. If you’re too shy to go the whole hog with the lippy, concentrate on the eyes. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE EYES.

Throw on a pair of leggings and a little dress and you’re ready to rock!!!

Gothicism is my comfort blanket, give it a whirl – you might love it too!!!

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  1. [[BIG BLACK BOOTS]] Yes, ma'am! Present and accounted for and ready to stomp! ;)

  2. love it!!
    Another question from a new RA Sufferer how do i lose weight when i cant move about much and a glass of wine is the best pain killer in the evening?

  3. I can't believe i have an ACTUAL author interested in my blog!

  4. Sorry but, No thanks to Goth. I am a pale redhead bleached to be blonde and It would scare the Bejessus outta me. :o)