Wednesday, 9 June 2010

One for the Guys


One of my male chickadees asked me why not write about how Arthur affects the guys. My response was : Well duh?! I'm not a guy, so how can I!?!

But after a moment's reflection, it got me thinking. Being involved with Arthur if you're a chick is bad enough, but for a dude?! Aside from the obvious homosexual gags I COULD make, it must be very emasculating at times. Times, for example, I've had to go back into a shop and ask the chap behind the counter to open my bottle of water. My other half would be mortified if he needed to do this.

It's called "Big Strong Man Syndrome" it's the same debilitating condition which not only prevents those with the Y chromosome from asking for help, but also directions


Then there's sex. I've never played with strap-ons, but you only have to watch to see that most positions are far more physically exerting for men than women, who are expected to be bendy, not thrusty!


I think men feel that it's more socially acceptable for women to be weak and helpless, but guys; well their macho default setting is giving them grief. And sometimes their mates are too.


Let's face it though guys, in some ways you have it easy. You can pee standing up, so no embarrassing tasks of having to ask the barmaid for the key to the disabled loo when you've drank one too many beers. You're not expected because of your gender to do the housework, cooking, cleaning, and ironing – to carry babies for 9 months then GIVE BIRTH.


Regardless of how down trodden and pissed off you guys might feel about sharing your bed with Arthur, try to remember, it does NOT define you. Now go away and think of three reasons why you're pretty damn fine – then tell me. Write it on my wall, PM me or leave a comment on here.


Go on! Do it!!!



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PS : More for the guys coming soon – don't worry dudes, you're not forgotten x x x


  1. I wonder it is worse to feel emotionally weak or physically weak. I remember when my ten year old son was seven and he got punched by a bully and he came home and told me about it. He told me he was so brave and that he didn’t cry. The look in eyes made me see that he wanted to cry more than anything in the world but he felt that it was unacceptable. Men learn to be strong from a young age because society expects them to be. For whatever reason, our society does not allow men to feel weak.

  2. Thank you so much for giving us credit...not many (even in RA community) do. You can't imagine what it's like to have lost the ability to do "manly" things, esp. when at one point I could bench press 315 lb's (150% of my body weight). You lose the ability to attract "chickadees", or at the very least, your confidence to attract them. Guys are all to happy to help a damsel in distress, but a guy in distress is just kinda sad :(

  3. "in some ways you have it easy."
    Just a note though, I no longer CAN drink b/c of all the meds etc. so that's not exactly comforting.
    As for the housework etc...who else IS expected to do it? If I could land me a significant other, maybe they would be OK with me having no responsibilities, but I doubt it. So for now, I am expected to do those chores...I think it's almost as sexist for you to think we're not expected to do them, as it would be for me to expect you to do them. Sorry if that's the way it is with your significant other, but it's not right...
    As for the babies, I'll never be able to support one and therefore not be able to have one, so while you have a point, that's of little comfort also. Just saying. Again though, thank you for addressing this!

  4. sorry if you took offense at the last part of this post - if you read my other posts you'll see i try to keep a lighthearted spin on things. If you cant laugh sometimes, you'll be forever crying is just one of my mottos on life.

    Any suggestions or comments for my future reference/blog posts please feel free to contact me @ or join my facebook page and find me from there.

    Thanks for your comments and i hope you're still reading y blog. Chick ;-)