Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Let’s Talk About SEX Baby!

Anyone who thinks a relationship with Arthur spells the death of sex is seriously mistaken.

Ok, so bedroom acrobatics are possibly off of the menu, and I wouldn't recommend taking the karma sutra too literally but you can still bounce with the best of 'em!

I'm guessing when your other half thinks of a threesome he's probably more likely to picture the two of you plus the oh-so-fine Holly Willoughby, or the uber sexy Megan Fox; but you, your man and Arthur can get along just fine.
The key is conversation.

And I don't mean giving your other half a list of "what hurts the most today", aim for; "I find it really sexy when you stand at the end of the bed and I put my ankles on your shoulders" as opposed to "not tonight dear, I can't go on top as my knees feel like they're made of mushy peas." Of course if the two of you find mushy peas a turn on I'm sure you could introduce them somewhere else along the way!!

There are also two very good reasons to keep 'up' with the passion even if you don't really fancy it. (And before my more mature readers start asking me about HRT (Eewww) I'm 23! And I'm not a doctor. Ask your GP about that!) For one, it's a fact that the sex related endorphins help to ease pain. So whatever pain is caused during the deed will most likely take care of itself. And two – it's the most enjoyable form of exercise that I can think of!!!

So sweat baby! Do it like they do on the discovery channel!

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  1. sex is the best exercise ever you just dont feel the pain and yet you still gain, there is a lot of fun to be had with pillows strategically placed, in fact you can even buy inflatable ones designed for the purpose!! go girls

  2. Definitely agree... Think that's why my pain threshold is pretty high... love of sex ;) Shame its usually the other half that has the headache :p

  3. I agree i love sex.....when i can get it!!!! I find i'm not in so much pain while having sex.