Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Spasticus Autisticus

This Man should go down as world's most inspiring "raspberry ripple." Mr Ian Dury.

Having watched Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll last night I was awed. Now he's not tormented by Arthur, but contracted Polio as a kid, so leg irons and weakling arms were his grumbling blocks. Except he didn't; grumble. He fought. One line in the film, which I assume was taken from the man himself was: "I don't want to be remembered, I want to live."
And that my dear Chickens is the purpose of this blog.
Live life to the max, you're a long time dead. There has been a lot on the news recently about the closure of local 'day centres''; or is that just polite talk for 'institution and isolation'. One young woman was interviewed last night; she had cerebral palsy and arthritis. She seemed like an intelligent gal, yet she was devastated that the closure of her beloved day centre meant she couldn't go to nightclubbing, bowling, or god-dammit even to the pictures like (and I quote) "normal young people." Without the club to take her there, organise the activities and group all the disableds together she can't partake in any of those activities. WHY THE HELL NOT?! I blame the mother. She'd made her dowdy and disabled – embracing the disability until it became her. All that the girl was truly lacking was a solid group of friends. Being disabled doesn't make you abnormal, just different. I wouldn't thank anyone for sending me to such a place. In fact, I would probably end up banned for telling the staff and other 'young un-ableds' to piss off!

Granted doing 'normal' activities in a 'normal' way takes a little more planning when your accompanied by Arthur on a night out than if you're baggage free. But I'm talking pre-booking taxis, knowing which bars you're going to and in what order; to make your walking distances as short as possible, knowing your limits and propping up the bar while your mates are dancing... Hell even wearing flat shoes! As for the bar technique, I've bagged many a bloke and free cocktail when my feet have decided to give up by assuming that manoeuvre! ;-)

They say "you're only as young as the woman you feel", well I say you're only as disabled as you believe you are.

I for one do not expect my nights out to begin with being picked up in a little yellow bus and taken somewhere to have organised 'fun' with people who are deemed to be 'like me'.
How do they know what I'm like?! I'm a hell raiser, a piss taker, a heartbreaker, and a punk rock princess with an attitude to kick their righteous asses all the way to the disabled bays!!!

Got that!?


  1. this does amuse oneself....u need to teach me propping up the bar and get a drink technique! lol

  2. right on, Chick!!! I love your kick ass attitude babe and it's the only way to be...love your blogs so don't stop writing! couldn't agree more about the disabled attitude thing - pity more people don't understand that there's no point in adding a label to people - just accept there are some people who have to live with limitations but they are still exactly the same as everyone else....x