Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Lost Months of Chick in the City: December 2010 'The Proposal'

After 7 whole years of suffering each other, putting up with each others little quirks and having many giggles at, and with, each other, my boyfriend proposed.

It's time to commit to another gentleman - so Arthur can move his sorry ass aside!

I have to admit the proposal wasn't a total surprise, aside from the fact tat I'd spent the last four years dropping numerous hints that a ring "might be nice", I'd noticed much of my finger-based jewellery disappearing only to return days later in almost-but-not-quite the same place that I'd left them. 

However, the way he did it...well that WAS a shock!

Let me take you back to Christmas eve 2010.....

The boyfriend and I hosted a party to celebrate The Night Before Christmas with family and friends.  We had drink flowing, food aplenty and all of our presents stacked dutifully around the tree when our final two guests arrived;  The other half's pregnant cousin, and her babydaddy partner of three months (i kid you not), when the announcement came:  "WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!" (they've now split up...).  I admit i felt a little envy, for us kids aren't an option - and my other half is a total commitmentphobe. 
But then it appeared under the tree, after a hushed conversation with his mother.
A tiny little shiny parcel.  Could it be a ring? My inquisitive mind wondered...  Time passed and Christmas morning came.  The boyfriend took his position as gift sorter and distributor (as well as starter-off-er for me when i receive a gift with too much tape for my stupid finger to cope with!).  We ploughed through and the pile of presents depleted.  And the shiny parcel had gone.  He must've changed his mind, my paranoid self suspected.

We had finished opening presents, supped coffee, and eaten croissants before he came up and gave my 'the little shiny parcel'.  "Here you go, have another present!" he beamed.  with trembling fingers i opened it, to reveal....


"Oh! they're lovely" i lied feeling sad and somewhat stupid.  More time passed...approximately half an hour, before the boyfriend came down the stairs and picked up the earrings, saying "do you like your present?" Again i lied before he exclaimed, "Nah, you don't want these! and threw them over his shoulder... "you want this instead" producing the most beautiful diamond ring from his dressing gown pocket and asked me to be his wife.

It was possibly one of the meanest tricks anyone has ever played on me - but undoubtedly one of the best moments of my life so far.

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