Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Lost Months of Chick in the City: July 2011 - Graduation

As you all know, I've been studying hard to achieve a degree in English Literature.  Therefore the months between December 2010 and July 2011 were pretty much written off.  My life came to a grinding halt while my days were spent researching, writing, redrafting, and proofreading.  While my nights were spent worrying and panicking over essays due the next morning, reading that hadn't been finished or generally the fact that my ass needed kicking out of bed so early my bones were duty bound to protest!  My life and my head were jam packed with 'Final Year Stress' - and Arthur clearly demands that he MUST be my number one priority, ALWAYS.  I i thought he would give me an easy ride i had got it very, very wrong!  Every time a deadline approached he'd attack with full force.  Making this, that or the other swell up and hurt so much i couldn't tell where one bit started and another ended.  Excessive essay writing is a KILLER on the hands.  I persevered though, completed all my essays and exams, including a 10,000 word dissertation on the feminine figure in vampire fiction, to achieve my BA English degree, and graduated with Honours. 

Arthur tried his best to put me down and made it a bloody tough year, but after having to take a year out following my hip replaced in 2009, i was adamant that I'd have the last laugh!!!  While i was hard at work studying my ass off,  I felt rotten, emotionally drained and physically bollocks - but do i regret any of it?? Not one bit.  I achieved something that my teachers at school probably thought would never be possible - and for my collection of high grades I am very proud... I'm not saying I'd choose to do it all again mind; well not yet anyway...maybe once the literature bug bites again i might return to do a masters...but we'll see.

My point is, guys and gals - that although Arthur is a pig, and sometimes life seems incredibly, overwhelmingly difficult, we need to push hard to get through and knock Arthur's stupid block off!

I'm not going to tell you that anything is possible; I'd be lying.  But i will maintain that you should always try, never give up on believing in yourself and if sometimes you don't succeed, shake off the hurt and try something else, something new, instead.

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